Previous pet projects include: RAP Tax, Rec Center, Theater, Museum, and a Streetcar. Playing with others’ money is so much fun!

Bountiful City Council Sophistry For Their New City Hall


Total, utter crony capitalism and hypocrisy starring Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg wants the rich to pay more tax and drinks the SJW kool-aid, then he can pay up.

…up to $240 million in tax breaks…

Local news items:

1. I heard Layton is cutting taxes because it took in more than expected. Way to go! Glad to hear one city has people looking out for taxpayers. For Bountiful residents, don’t hold you breath on this happening under similar circumstances.

2. In election news, Bountiful remains a democrat stronghold but narrowly this time (some good there) by getting Becky Edwards through her primary. Brace yourself for more big government votes.

Happy Bailout Friday!!! House passes…

Happy Bailout Friday!!!
House passes bill to help ease Puerto Rico’s debt (all Utah reps voted in favor)
Senators Seek to Stop $2.5 Billion Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare Bailout
Bonus exit question: Which Utah senator didn’t sign on to the ‘risk corridor’ bailout letter?
UPDATE. Double bonus extra link: Financial STD: Citigroup Continues Bailout Cronyism Binge With Costco Card Win

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