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Media’s Jubilation at Mockingly Vulgar Statue of Naked Trump Results In Their Own Exposure


Is it possible that I find a new social media home?…

Could Gab Finally Be the Free Speech Twitter Alternative?
http://heatst.com/tech/could-gab-finally-be-the-free-speech-twitter-alternative/ (via AoSHQ)

“It is not an alt-right Twitter replacement,” he said. “Anyone is welcome. This is all about stopping the censorship going on right under our noses.”

Unlike Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, Gab has an actual plan to protect free speech and curb harassment. The rules protecting free speech are pretty clear. Obviously illegal activity like posting child porn and making death or terrorist threats are not okay, and could get a user banned. Other than that, users are free to speak their minds.

Brazil – Live Your Passion, embrace your anti-Semite…

Anti-Semitism At The 2016 Olympics Is Completely Out Of Control

Anti-Semitism At The 2016 Olympics Is Completely Out Of Control

More bias and censorship. Why would anyone trust these companies as a venue for unfiltered news and free expression?

Tech Companies Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump
Tech Companies Apple, Twitter, Google and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump

Report: Twitter censored messages critical of Obama

More Twitter bias exposed. Why anyone using Twitter for “open communication” anymore is beyond me.

Conservative Writer Kassy Dillon Suspended From Twitter for Repeating Leslie Jones

Conservative Writer Kassy Dillon Suspended From Twitter for Repeating Leslie Jones

Zuck flips Facebook censorship switch to rescue damsel in distress… Leave Brittany Big Sister alone!

Facebook Deletes Meme Page Mocking Hillary Clinton

Remind me why people think Facebook is a great neutral place for open discussion. You are being played for chumps.

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What could go wrong?..times two:

Federal regulation of Internet coming, warn FCC, FEC commissioners

House Plans Vote on Guns Next Week

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BINGO: “I just can’t see the Republicans doing anything here but embarrassing themselves and further alienating their base. They’re patsies, and always will be. (AoSHQ)

Good article with some clarity on bad info related to the Idaho Falls sexual assault by refugees. Also included: Remember the fed prosecutor telling everyone to STHU about the sexual assault or she would charge them? She’s walking back the statement…with an inaccurate statement.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2016/06/28/idaho-federal-prosecutor-issues-follow-up-statement-about-twin-falls-child-sexual-assault-controversy/ (via Instapundit)