Getting money is priority #1 for the IRS. They could care less where it comes from or who is victimized. Besides illegal immigrants are a politically protected class. Embrace the double standard, plebs.

IRS doesn’t tell 1M taxpayers that illegals stole their Social Security numbers


Employment-related identity theft primarily by illegal immigrants.

WTHR investigation, congressional pressure trigger IRS policy change

Don’t hold you breath on how long this will last IF it is actually implemented next January:

WTHR has learned the IRS will begin to notify victims of employment-related identity theft instead of keeping it a secret. The IRS has not publicly announced the change, but it will take effect in January, according to an internal document obtained by 13 Investigates.

It is not clear whether the IRS notification program will be permanent or a temporary measure, similar to a recent pilot program to notify some victims of employment-related identity theft. The IRS abandoned that pilot program in 2015 without explanation.