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Southern Command Warns Sunni Extremists Infiltrating From South


Earlier I posted today is…

Earlier I posted today is “Bailout Friday”. Looks like it’s also Border Fiasco Friday (all via Drudge):

The Chamber of Crony Capital cheap labor magnet is now also impacting Mexico:

‘At the limit,’ Mexico buckles under migrant surge to U.S.

Border security is doing so well that we’re bringing back the wild west posse (modernized)…

Border ranchers with few options now have police radios

…and wild west diseases (known then as consumption):

U.S. Tuberculosis Cases Rise as Foreign-Born Patients Triple 1986 Caseload Percentage

…and predictably San Fran doubles down:

San Francisco Hopes Trump Fear Will Lead To Voting Rights For Illegal Immigrants In City

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Happy Bailout Friday!!! House passes…

Happy Bailout Friday!!!
House passes bill to help ease Puerto Rico’s debt (all Utah reps voted in favor)
Senators Seek to Stop $2.5 Billion Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare Bailout
Bonus exit question: Which Utah senator didn’t sign on to the ‘risk corridor’ bailout letter?
UPDATE. Double bonus extra link: Financial STD: Citigroup Continues Bailout Cronyism Binge With Costco Card Win

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